How to Match Your Splashback with Kitchen Interiors

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home. As such, every element within it should contribute to a harmonious and welcoming atmosphere. One of these key elements is the splashback. But how do you ensure it complements the overall aesthetic of your kitchen? Here’s a guide to achieving a perfect match.

The Role of the Splashback

Beyond its practical purpose of protecting walls from splashes and stains, the splashback acts as a focal point. Whether it’s a burst of colour, a serene landscape, or a subtle texture, the splashback can tie together various design elements or introduce a standout feature.

Understanding Your Kitchen’s Style

  1. Modern Kitchens: Characterised by clean lines, neutral colours, and minimalist designs. For such kitchens, consider splashbacks with geometric patterns, monochrome hues, or bold singular colours.
  2. Traditional Kitchens: Often feature wood cabinetry, ornate designs, and warm tones. Floral patterns, classic motifs, or softer shades might complement this style.
  3. Country Kitchens: Rustic and homey, these kitchens are all about comfort. Think about splashbacks with countryside scenes, soft pastel colours, or vintage patterns.

Tips for Achieving the Perfect Match

  1. Consider Cabinetry and Worktops: These dominate the kitchen space. Your splashback should either contrast or complement these primary elements. For instance, if you have dark cabinets, a lighter splashback can introduce balance.
  2. Lighting Matters: Both natural and artificial light can influence how your splashback looks. For kitchens with limited light, reflective or lighter-coloured splashbacks can help brighten the space.
  3. Functional Areas: If your hob or cooker is the busiest area, make it the splashback’s focal point. It could be bolder in design or colour than the rest of the kitchen.
  4. Personal Touch: Ultimately, the kitchen is your space. Whether you lean towards contemporary trends or your unique taste, ensure the splashback resonates with your personal style.

Seeking Inspiration

If you’re still unsure, peruse home design magazines, visit kitchen showrooms, or explore online platforms like Pinterest. Sometimes, seeing a design in context can spark inspiration.


Matching a splashback to your kitchen’s interiors is part science, part art. With a keen eye and a sense of what feels ‘right’, you can transform your kitchen from a mere functional space to a cohesive design masterpiece.


  • Focal Point: The centre of interest or activity.
  • Monochrome: A photograph or picture developed or executed in black and white or in varying tones of only one colour.
  • Ornate: Made in an intricate shape or decorated with complex patterns.