Frequently Asked Questions

We offer our free 3-5 day delivery option, but if you need it quicker, we do offer a next day delivery for £14.99
Of course - Using our really easy customiser tool, you can upload, edit and move any image and see how it'd look on a splashback using our preview picture. We also offer Augmented Reality if you wanted to see your splashback come to life on your phone. Some things to think about when you are designing your own Splashback though, image quality is important, due to the size of the glass, we generally can't use images from social media or such places, you would need to use the original image, our system will warn you if the image quality isn't quite enough. We are always on hand should you require any help with this though either through our email support (Generally <24 hour response) or on the phone 9am-5pm Monday-Friday.
It will change slightly for different adhesives, however, as a general rule - 24-48 hours (please read the instructions on the product you use)
Providing your splashback is supported by the worktop, just use masking tape to hold the splashback in position while the adhesive sets
The silicone/adhesive can be applied using a silicone gun, putting small circles every 50mm on the back of the splashback.
The wall needs to be free of bows, twists or raised areas over approximately 2-3mm. Any sharp areas need to be removed. Any unevenness less than 2-3mm can be taken up by the adhesive. The walls will be obscured by the coloured/printed glass so the surface does not need to look pretty. Wiring must be chased into walls and any light fittings should be fitted allowing at least 10mm for the thickness of the glass and adhesive.
We have invested heavily in some of the best equipment for this, our Splashbacks will come out in full High Definition quality and every colour will pop as you expect it to, giving your kitchen a focal point.
It's worth noting that colours on computer screens or mobile phones can differ depending on brightness, contrast, quality of the screen. We always check our printed colours against our colour swatches in house to ensure the colours are looking as they should.